Frequently Asked Questions

What is a modular home?
  • Modular homes are simply "stick built" homes that are built off-site in a climate controlled facility, then, transported to the building site where final construction is completed. Constructing a home in this fashion maximizes speed, efficiency and quality.
How does the structure of a modular home differ from a traditional home?
  • There are really only a few differences. Modular homes are built to the same building codes as traditional site built homes and are set on a site erected foundation (crawl, basement, pilings or piers). Because modular homes need to sustain the additional stress of transportation and then being lifted by crane on the job site, they are actually built much stronger and durable.
Is there a difference between a modular and a manufactured home?
  • Yes. Modular homes are built to comply with all rules and regulations of an on-site built home. Manufactured homes follow an entirely different set of rules and regulations governed by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes.
How do I get pricing?
  • Your Virginia Homes Building Systems approved builder will work with you on pricing.
Can I customize my home?
  • Absolutely. You can begin by reviewing our wide array of Virginia Homes Building Systems plans to find the one that best suits your needs. Then, working with our experienced sales representative, we can make any necessary adjustments. If you have a plan from another book or web site, simply send us the plan and we’ll see if it can be adapted to modular construction.
What type of exteriors are available?
  • We offer premium grade vinyl siding as a standard, but your builder can upgrade to any number of sidings (brick, stone, Hardi plank, stucco, etc.) We offer a 30 year architectural roof shingle, but you can also get a metal roof, which can be purchased and installed on-site by your builder.
Can I get financing?
  • Virginia Homes Building Systems does not provide financing for your new home. Our homes qualify for the same mortgage programs as traditional site built homes.
How about insurance rates?
  • Modular homes qualify for the same insurance rates as traditional on-site built homes.
Can I buy directly from the factory?
  • No. Our homes are sold through a network of builders. A Virginia Homes Building Systems sales representative will work with you to find a qualified builder in your area.
Are your homes really built quicker?
  • Yes. One of the great benefits of modular home construction is the quick turnaround. Your contractor will prepare the site and lay the foundation while your home is being built off-site in our weather-protected facility. Once delivered, the home will be placed on the foundation and your contractor will add the finishing touches to complete your home.
Are homes built by Virginia Homes Building Systems green?
  • Yes. Green construction refers to the use of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly practices in building. Homes built by Virginia Homes Building Systems are extremely energy efficient. Our homes meet or exceed government guidelines and codes for energy efficiency by using thermal pane windows and elevated levels of insulation. And, because our homes are about 80% complete when they are delivered, there is less waste at the job site, reducing unnecessary trash disposal and landfill use.
Can you tell a difference in a modular home and a traditional built home?
  • Modular homes look just like traditional on-site built homes and once your home is set on your foundation, there is structurally no difference to a traditional "stick built" home.
Can I add a garage?
  • Yes. Or a deck, a porch, or a sunroom. Most of these features will be built on-site by your builder, but we can provide materials so there are no problems matching your off-site built home.
Are there many features to choose from?
  • Our homes come with lots of great features and upgrades, but there are plenty of alternative features available such as hardwood floors, granite countertops and upgraded windows or doors. Some alterations can be made at the factory while others can be handled by your local builder.
Are your homes available in my area?
  • Virginia Homes sells homes in Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia. Just contact our sales representative for additional information.
Will my home be built to local building codes?
  • Yes. Our homes are constructed to the highest standards and will meet or exceed your local building codes. Every home we build is inspected numerous times during the building process and must meet the same requirements as traditional site-built homes.
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