Modular Construction Offers Fast and Limitless Possibilities for Home Renovations
Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 25, 2019
Virginia Homes Building System - Modern Homes in VA, WV, NC

When starting a family, new couples often choose smaller homes. But overtime, they eventually need to expand their living space to accommodate a growing household. If you are planning a home addition, then consider a modular homes manufacturer to complete the project faster and more efficiently.

Home additions are made easy with modular construction in VA, WV, NC. This form of construction addresses the issues with complex construction of traditional stick-built homes. Modular building systems offer quicker solutions for home renovations because it will dramatically cut the construction time down. Prefabrication of modules takes place in an indoor setting where the environment is controlled and quality is constantly supervised. There are countless possibilities for customization which can be fully achieved because modular builders use advanced computer-aided design software.

If you have a home addition in mind, it can easily materialize through the modular approach. With the modular process, you can turn your current home into your dream home. Contact Virginia Homes Building Systems to find out more about modular home additions and expansions.

Why Modular Homes Are Far More Superior Than Traditional Homes
Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 18, 2019
Virginia Homes - Modular construction in VA, WV, TN, NC, SC, MD, NJ

There are many reasons as to why modular homes are becoming more and more common in Virginia. For the most part, modular construction eliminates most of the common issues and challenges that are encountered in traditional, stick-built construction.

The first benefit to modular construction is the construction process and time. Delays to project completion are not unusual when you stick-build traditionally. Bad weather, equipment and crew delays, materials shortages, and theft are major causes of delays when building on-site and outside. But with the modular construction process, each module is pre-fabricated in an indoor environment where all of these delays are eliminated. Equipment is cutting-edge while the builders are skilled and experienced. Through this combination, construction time is hugely decreased and the project delivery date is always met.

Another benefit of modular homes is sturdiness and durability. Traditionally built homes use use only nail guns for assembly. But the modular building system, utilizes strapping, adhesives, screws, and bolts to fasten frames and components together. This makes the structural integrity of modular homes far superior to traditional homes. Every modular home meets or exceeds state and local building codes and can withstand winds up to 140 mph.

For more information on modular homes, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

Modular Homes Feature Convenient, Flexible and Functional Layout
Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 27, 2018
Virginia Homes Building System - Modern Homes in VA, WV, NC

Modular homes offer a wide array of pre-designed homes which can be further enhanced and customized to be tailored to the varying style and taste of the buyer. Virginia Homes Building Systems continues to design more modular floor plans that are unique, attractive, and functional to meet the diverse needs and specifics of home buyers. Due to the high-tech process of modular construction, home additions and renovations are also easier when this option is used. Home additions are faster and less disruptive. By far, modular homes in VA, WV, NC address the challenges and issues commonly encountered in traditional home construction.

Modular homes are completed faster and within a strict timeline because weather, contractor, and materials delays are non-existent. They cost less and are more energy efficient, making them cost less to run once occupied. They are easily customized to suit the needs of the buyer and additions and amenities, like porches and garages, can be added quickly and seamlessly.

Many home buyers are now considering modular construction because of these conveniences and benefits. If you are planning on building a home, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems. Our team can help you design the best modular floor plan to best serve the needs of your family.

Happy Holidays from Virginia Homes Building Systems
Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Happy Holidays from Virginia Homes Building Systems

Our warmest Holiday wishes from the entire team here at Virginia Homes Building Systems. Calendar year 2018 was, and continues to be, a truly remarkable year and we take this moment to recognize the joy that each and every one of you has brought to our personal and professional lives. We exist because of your faith and trust in us.

As calendar year 2019 approaches, we reflect upon the foundational recognition that "your success is our success". Our New Year’s wish for 2019 is to nurture our positive and ever strengthening partnership and to deliver ever increasing value to you, your business, and your family through the entirety of 2019.

Throughout this Holiday season may you be blessed with health and surrounded by friends and family. All the best! Cheers!

Reasons to Choose Modular Homes
Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 29, 2018
Virginia Homes - Modular construction in VA, WV, TN, NC, SC, MD, NJ

Modular homes are houses manufactured off-site, transported and then assembled on residential land. Today's modular homes are an attractive option for many homebuyers.

Here are some reasons to consider a modular home.

Real estate prices are as much about location as the home itself. But with modular homes, prices fluctuate less because you aren't paying for a location.

The modular home offerings can range in size from a one or two bedroom to an estate size home with three stories. They are most often a more economical alternative to traditional construction, if not in cost than in time. The cost of a modular home can be up to 30% less than traditionally built homes, depending on the design options you choose. However, the time it takes to build a modular home is dramatically less, often taking one half or one third the time.

Anyone looking to buy a brand-new modular home can look online at the modular home floor plans offered by Virginia Building Systems. We offer houses at many price points in a variety of floor plans. Or, you can choose a custom designed modular home.

Plus, modular homes offer flexibility that traditional homes don't have. Modular homes are built in a factory environment and can be transported virtually anywhere. Assembly takes only a couple days, again depending on the size of the home, and modular homes are ready to move-in after they've been assembled.

When you decide to sell your modular home it’s no different than selling a traditional residential property. Modular construction is of very high quality, Virginia Building Systems are subject to extensive QA inspections. Additionally, these modular homes can withstand hurricane strength winds.

For more information, contact Virginia Building Systems.


Fall or Winter Home Construction is Feasible through Modular Home Construction
Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 23, 2018
Virginia Homes - Portland Ranch Style Modular Homes

Are you planning to build a new home, but can no longer wait for spring or summer? Then, modular construction is the ideal home construction method for you. Regardless of the weather condition, you can proceed with your home construction plans. This is because modular construction takes place in an enclosed factory where weather cannot affect the process.

For the same reason, modular homes in VA, WV, and NC can be completed in less time. Homeowners can move-in to their new home in just a matter of weeks. Unlike with traditional stick-built homes which can take months to complete due to the uncontrollable such as weather delays, coordination and scheduling issues, materials delays, and theft, modular construction is on-time, every time. With modular construction, the home is already 90% complete when it is delivered to the actual, permanent site. The remaining 10% is final assembly and connections.

Virginia Homes Building System that time to occupancy is on schedule. We guarantee on-time delivery of projects. Interested in constructing your new home through modular construction? Contact us today!

Advantages of Modular Home Construction
Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 26, 2018
Virginia Homes Building Systems - Modular homes in VA, WV, TN, NC, SC, MD, NJ

Modular construction is faster than traditional, site-built construction. But, there are more advantages of modular construction as well. Here are a five which you should consider few that may impact your decision on where to build.

  1. Precision Assembly

    The repetitive nature of in-factory construction allows builders to continuously improve equipment and processes that cannot be reproduced onsite. Cuts and connections are practiced and confirmed accurate. As the building progresses, frequent QA checks confirm strict adherence to specifications and codes. This means that there is consistent quality that’s reflected in the finished product.

  2. Weather Protection

    Building materials at jobsites are subject to all sorts of weather conditions. Water-soaked lumber can be prone to mold or weakened. Over time, exposure to the elements can diminish structural rigidity. That’s not the case in a factory. Modular homes are protected from the environment at all times and weather-sealed before they leave for the site.

  3. Reduced Waste

    Factory construction allows builders to keep materials in stock and ready to use. Throughout the construction process, remnant materials are used where possible instead of being discarded as scrap. Bulk ordering of materials also reduces packaging waste. Cutting construction waste is environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Less money spent on unused materials and waste management goes directly to your bottom line.

  4. Quality Control

    Every construction project is subject to state and local inspections. With in-factory construction, more checks are conducted regularly throughout the process to confirm that every cut and connection is right and tight. Issues are corrected immediately and inspectors confirm the building is 100% within spec before the building leaves for the site.

  5. Reduced Site Disruption

    Modular buildings are designed to stand on their own. They don’t require support from the foundation. This means they require less foundation work at the site which saves time and money, and creates more opportunities for placement. As you consider the needs and goals of your next project, consider these benefits and the speed of modular construction. For many, building offsite is the road to making better homes faster. For more information on modular construction, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

Ranch Style Modular Homes are an Ideal Home Style for Empty-Nesters
Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 12, 2018
Virginia Homes - Portland Ranch Style Modular Homes

Empty-nesters often want to downsize their homes for the convenience of caring for a smaller house and to make aging in place more viable.Larger homes can be expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to maintain. However, finding the right style is home is important. Modular home design in VA, WV, NC can help downsizers more exactly meet their specific needs while staying in budget.

A Ranch-style modular home is a recommended floor plan for empty-nesters. This is because they make for convenient daily living with efficient and single level floor plans. Ranch-style homes are single story homes which makes cleaning and activities of daily living easier. This also means a lower energy bill than homes with a second level. Because there is only a single level to heat and cool, energy consumption is cut back significantly. Moreover, ranch homes are roomy and can accommodate comfortable living and fun gatherings of family and friends. Empty nesters can enjoy daily living and eventually continue to live on their own as they age in this gorgeous, well-designed modular floor plan. Ranch style modular homes are a beautiful, custom designed, and safe and convenient home style for downsizing empty nesters.

To find out more about the benefits of ranch style modular homes, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

Modular Home Builders Build Better Homes To Be Hurricane-Proof
Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 28, 2018
Virginia Homes - Modular construction in VA, WV, TN, NC, SC, MD, NJ

As we learned over the last weeks, Virginia is vulnerable to hurricane disasters and those living near the coast are more susceptible to to surging floodwater. Residents in these areas need tougher, stronger and more beautiful homes. Thus, the demand for modular homes which can resist 180 mph winds is increasing.

As modular home builders in VA, WV and NC we have improved our home building process to meet or exceed state and local building codes. Modular construction builds homes that are sturdier and more resilient than traditional construction. One big difference between traditional and modular construction is in fortifying these homes with the use of larger steel to anchor and stabilize the home's foundation. The modules themselves are also glued, bolted, and strapped in order to securely fasten the components together. Hence, they can stand up to rough, grinding wind. Built-in smart outlets are also an added feature in modular pilings. In the event of rising floodwater, the force of the water can be eliminated because water can flow-in and out of the openings.

Moreover, modular homes constantly undergo a series of QA inspections during construction to asure that these homes are safe and meet the state and local building codes. With modular building system, homeowners can now build tougher homes at an affordable price through a smarter, better construction process.

To find out more about hurricane-proof homes, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

Modular Construction Supports Greener Living
Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 14, 2018
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More and more people are interested in green living, not only in their lifestyles, but in their homes. Those who are interested in building a home are more cautious of the environmental consumption and impact. Many homebuyers are interested in owning greener and more energy-efficient homes. Thus, many are now turning to modular homes because they offer sustainability and greener options and advantages over conventionally built homes.

Modular homes in VA, WV, and NC are constructed from sustainable materials to minimize their carbon footprint. Carbon footprints are the total carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere by specific human activity. Modular home building systems consistently address this environmental concern and build homes with reduced construction waste and minimized energy consumption during the process. This is done in part by constructing the modules in a factory setting so that the surrounding environment at the permanent site is less affected while construction is going on. Through the advanced building technology, materials for the modules are precisely cut and and constructed meaning less human error resulting in less waste of raw materials.

Furthermore, modular construction utilizes energy efficient materials such as insulated panels, double-hung low emissivity windows and solar panels. Homeowners greatly benefit from these energy-efficient homes which lead to lower energy consumption and costs. To find out more about the green benefits of modular homes, contact Virginia Homes Building System.

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