Build Your Dream Home with Modular Construction
Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 13, 2018
Virginia Homes - Modular construction in VA, WV, TN, NC, SC, MD, NJ

Latest advancements in housing technology allow home construction to conform to recent housing trends. Modular building systems allow new homeowners to build homes at a more affordable cost and in less time. This home construction method presents vast possibilities for design and layout to further cater to the specific preferences of each homeowner.

Modern aesthetic design and contemporary craftsmanship can be strategically incorporated to give your dream home a taste of both. Modular floor plans are also functional and flexible and offer more convenience to families and lifestyles. Customization is the prime advantage of modular home construction. No wonder, more and more homebuyers are considering this construction method. This building technology enables homebuyers to create the dream home design they have in mind.

With Virginia Homes Building Systems, your high quality dream home can be built in no time. Moreover, it can be completed even on a tight budget. With modular construction methods, it is easier to adjust your home design to conform to your budget, which no surprises mid-construction. Contact Virginia Homes Building System and start building your dream home.

Modular Home Building Tips
Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 22, 2018
Virginia Homes - Portland Ranch Style Modular Homes

Modular homes are gaining popularity in the home construction industry because of their many advantages. If you are planning to build a new home, here are few tips that you might want to consider:

  1. When starting research on modular homes, it's essential to learn about the difference between modular homes and mobile homes. For starters, mobile homes are now labeled as manufactured homes that are regulated by HUD codes. Meanwhile, modular homes follow local, regional, and state building codes the same as traditionally built homes.
  2. You can still build a custom modular home or choose a floor plan style from the hundreds of available plans.
  3. Take a look at modular home manufacturers and model homes to further understand modular construction and the amount and level of quality controls that are implemented.
  4. You can work with a design team to plan out your modular floor plan to make sure your home design meets the needs of your family.
  5. Designer suite software will give you a precise visual of your future home.
  6. Your planned budget will not change once the project begins, and payment schedules are tied to a set timetable.
  7. Hire reputable modular home builders so you can just sit down and relax while your home is under construction.

To learn more tips about modular home construction, contact Virginia Homes Building System.

Modular Construction for Superior Quality and Affordable Homes
Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 08, 2018
Virginia Homes Modular home construction in VA, WV, TN, NC, SC, MD, NJ

The use of premium materials coupled with advanced engineering technology is what makes modular homes exceptionally unique and sturdy. Smart computer programs are utilized to make customization possible in terms of designing the interior and exterior of the home. Meanwhile, bolts and straps are applied to the structure to ensure they meet or exceed all state and local codes.

Homes built through modular construction go through a series of inspections and quality checks throughout the process to ensure the highest quality end result. Because modular homes are manufactured in climate controlled factory-like settings, materials are not exposed to weather guaranteeing that they will be in perfect condition. Additionally, this type of building system means that construction projects are not subject to weather, theft, materials, or contractor delays. Modular building systems make constructing homes faster and more efficient than with traditional construction.

Moreover, modular homes are both " glued and screwed" since the modules are transported to the permanent site and then craned during assembly. Built to withstand these extreme pressures, this makes them even more sound homes than stick built construction. To find out more about modular homes, contact Virginia Building Home System.

Double-Hung Low Emissivity Windows to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Modular Homes
Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Virginia Homes - Modular construction in VA, WV, TN, NC, SC, MD, NJ

Virginia Homes Building Systems features double-hung windows in most of their modular home designs because of the superior ventilation they provide and the considerable amount of natural light they allow in. Low-E glass is also used to enhance the energy efficiency of the modular homes. This glass can reflect, absorb and emit radiant energy. For this reason, these windows can conserve more energy than ordinary or lower quality windows.

Low-E windows can reflect extra energy rather than allowing the heat to enter the home through the glass. It can retain energy on the same side from which it comes and at the same time allow visible light to enter the home. This helps with the efficiency of the HVAC system as well. Low-E windows reflect the energy that originates from your heating system back into the home, saving energy.

Having double-hung windows coupled with low emissivity glass installed in your modular home can help you save on your energy costs. To learn more about the benefits of modular homes and the high-quality materials use in their construction, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

Kitchens in Modular Homes Have Flexible and Modern Kitchen Cabinet Options
Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 04, 2018
Virginia Homes - Portland Ranch Style Modular Homes

The kitchen is one of the most utilized and popular rooms in any home. Therefore it requires a synthesis of quality, style and a certain flexibility. Your newly built modular home is best complemented with a kitchen that can project the trends of modern kitchen design.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so the design and style are important. Virginia Homes Building Systems offers kitchen cabinets and countertop options that can answer all the kitchen needs at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional kitchen construction. In fact, the kitchen cabinets, countertops and fixtures are installed in the factory when the modules are built. During the design phase, the homeowner chooses styles, designs, color, finish and fixtures.

The cabinet assembly process is fully integrated into the modular home process, thus durability and strength of materials are assured. Additionally, a wide variety of styles and options are available to answer every homeowner’s desires. A modular home kitchen can be truly enjoyable, modern, and flexible. For more about modular home kitchen cabinet and countertop options, contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

A Modular Garage Can Integrate Into Your Home For Less
Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 30, 2018
Virginia Homes - Portland Ranch Style Modular Homes

Due to its simple structure, adding a garage to your home is easily accomplished using modular home construction. With no partitions or specific decorative features inside, a modular garage can be quickly completed to enhance your home.

Virginia Homes Building Systems offer modular garages for a fraction of the cost and time spent with traditional construction. The siding, walls, and roof are prefabricated in a factory setting with pre-installed wiring, outlets and insulation for maximum efficiency. Once built, these modular sections are transported to the actual site and the construction process can be completed in days.

The best thing about a modular garage is its versatility when considering the main home structure. Modular sections features such as doors, windows, siding, and style can be fully integrated into your home with minimum work on-site. In the case of expanding space, a modular garage can always be modeled according to the household’s storage needs. For more about modular garage construction contact Virginia Homes Building Systems.

Benefits of Two-Story Modular Homes
Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Two Story - {tag_name_nolink}

Space is often limited in many neighborhoods. If you own a smaller lot on which to build your home, two-story modular designs are the perfect fit in order to maximize the land. This is just one of the many reasons that modular home designs are becoming more popular in the market, below are a few more.

Flexible Design - Two-story modular homes can be modified to better suit your style and individual needs. The second level offers extra room for whatever purpose your family needs. The extra room can be custom-designed according to your concept and plan.

Maximizes Space - With two-story home designs, owners no longer need to purchase a bigger lot to accommodate more room for large families. You can maximize your two level home to make room for everyone.

Larger Lawn/Yard - Having a two-story modular home ensures that you can also maximize your outdoor living space as well.

For more information on the varied two-story modular home plans, contact Virginia Home Building System.

Modular Construction for Faster and Uninterrupted Residential Construction
Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Virginia Homes - Portland Ranch Style Modular Homes

Construction work in the past has been highly dependent on the weather condition. Home builders in Virginia have often had to postpone new home construction projects until the weather cooperates. However, with the increase in demand in residential construction, delays due to weather issues are no longer acceptable. Good thing modular home construction has paved the way for continuous and uninterrupted construction process despite unfavorable weather conditions.

Regardless of the weather, construction operations are not affected because the modules are manufactured inside in a factory-like setting. This guarantees quicker completion time and faster dispatch of modules to the actual permanent home site. With the process of modular construction, building modular homes is completed in a shorter time frame as well. This means less waiting time for homeowners who want to move into their new home as soon as possible.

This indoor building system also makes the overall construction cost more affordable without compromising the quality of the materials or procedure. In fact, modular homes undergo a series of strict quality checks throughout the entire building process. To learn more about modular homes and its advantages, contact Virginia Homes Building System.

A Complete Outdoor Living Space with Modular Home Additions
Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Virginia Homes Building System - Outdoor Living Space

After a long winter, the warm weather that is fast approaching makes you want to stay outside your homes and enjoy your outdoor scenery and landscaping. Having a porch and deck added as a home addition matched with picnic tables, grills, and fire pits can be a great idea. With your current modular floor plan, it is easy and fast to add a fully-functional outdoor living space best for barbecue and picnic season.

You can expect great things in modular home additions. Aside from the fact that they take less time to complete, modular homes also guarantee high-end materials with a wide range of option for design and style. In addition, using smart technology for customization means you can create a design that maximize both indoor and outdoor space, allowing you the option to create the outdoor living space you desire.

Furthermore, home expansions and additions with modular construction processes are less costly and time-consuming compared to conventional construction. With the savings you get from modular construction, you can still add the outdoor living essentials to complete your space. A home addition that includes an outdoor deck can be the favorite spot for the family to hangout this summer.

For more information about modular home additions, contact Virginia Home Building System.

High-Quality Kitchen Countertops are Essentials in Modular Homes
Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Virginia Homes Building System - High Quality Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen is a favorite gathering spot for family and friends. Modular home builders in Virginia recognized the essence that top quality kitchen countertops give to a household. Thus, a fully-functional kitchen design with a premium-grade countertop is one of the highlighted feature of a modular home. Modular home construction offers superior quality granite or laminate kitchen counters as options for modular homebuyers.

Granite countertops are popular for their elegant, aesthetic look and toughness in handling scrapes and heat. Granite features a smooth surface that is almost impossible to scratch so you no longer need to be so cautious while chopping and slicing at your workstation. Granite counters have a perfectly smooth surface that is easy to keep clean unlike other countertops where spills can enter tiny grooves and pores making them almost impossible to remove. Overtime, other materials can be an area for thriving bacterial growth. Furthermore, granite countertops in modular homes are durable and can serve as your main cooking station for the life of your home.

Meanwhile, if a homebuyer is looking for a less expensive option, laminate countertop are making a comeback in high-end kitchens. Laminate counters are popular because they are easy to create, design, and install with low-maintenance requirements. Though they are less durable than granite, laminate can still last up to 10 years and can always be repaired or refinished for a low cost. This means quicker turnaround of investment over more expensive stone counters.

Both of the above modular countertop options are created in an environment-controlled warehouses with state-of-the-art technology is used to ensure the excellent quality of both products. For more details about modular kitchen countertops, contact Virginia Homes Building System.

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